On Emptying Ourselves

“I am but empty space. Fill me Lord with your Holy Spirit.”

Each new day, fills me with an appreciation for the beauty found in simple things; like the dew on blades of grass; the crispness of the morning air; a butterfly nestled on the leaf of a flower. Lately, I have been particularly in awe of God’s great creation.

This morning, I sat by my window gazing at the sun as it began to rise to greet the dawning of a new day and realized that I was simply grateful to live. As I continued to sit, I noticed the calm silence around me–not a single sound could be heard. Like clockwork, about 6 a.m. the sparrows filled my front yard and began to sing their melody. I could even hear the honking of geese, that curiously are like the wind–I never know from whence they come, nor where they go. Each day I delight to awaken to sights and sounds too wonderful to describe.

But always as I prepare to face the day, reality reaffirms many other things a day can bring forth: Disasters (both natural and contrived); homelessness, helplessness, and woe.

Even so, I don’t know whether it is the winters of our lives that enable us to see beyond life’s ugliness to its beauty–I only know that when you live life with appreciation that it is a gift — it fills you to the brim:

With pain and with passion
With the bitter and with the sweet
With a heart that anxiously awaits emptying
and refilling!

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