The Will

Kenneth Sr., the Will

“When one is confronted with seemingly insurmountable odds,
he must and will consolidate all of his internal energies
in order to effectively combat his adversities.
The consolidation of man’s internal energies in times of
adverse circumstances is called the WILL.
The WILL is not a hereditary asset, but an acquired asset.
Since man’s WILL is being continually tried,
there must be a yardstick whereby the effectiveness of his WILL
when confronted by adversities in his environment, may be measured.
Man is shaped and shapes his environment.
When man reaches that coveted stage of abilities
where he shapes his environment rather than becomes victimized by it,
his WILL is indefatigable or dominant.
This is what men strive for – TO HAVE THE WILL TO HAVE WILL!!” ~  Kenneth L. Owens, Sr.

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