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Where Can We Go?

“Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68 (RSV)

I love Peter. Peter was the bold Disciple who always had the courage to speak his heart and to take action. He loved and trusted the Lord with all of his might. But he saw that the closer Jesus got to the cross, the fewer were His faithful followers. Many of Jesus’ followers had already left Him and others simply did not want to be associated with Him. So Jesus asks His handpicked “Chosen,” “Do you also wish to go away?” And in the midst of his own fear and doubt, classic Peter answers Jesus’ question with a question, “Lord to whom shall we go? . . . .”

Before marriage, husband, children, and ministry, I always went to my beloved grandmother who with only a 6th grade education was the wisest person I knew. And in her wisdom she would refer me directly to her personal consultant/counselor — the Word of God.  Because there is truly “nothing new under the sun.” The world yesterday was just as troubled as it is today. The news and weather forecasts and reports were just as troubling, and I always remember grandmother saying, “Child these are not “playing” times these are “praying” times.” And pray we did, followed by reading God’s Word. But I discovered even then, as much as I loved and respected my grand mom, that safety and security in this life, is only found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I learned that hope, peace, and “the fullness of joy” is only found in the depths of God’s Word. In these “praying” times, we must be anchored in the Word of God and have faith in Jesus Christ, the “Solid Rock.”

Where can we go when the storms of life are raging?  Where can we go when the winds of sorrow blow? Where can we go when our hearts are overwhelmed and our troubles seem more than we can bear? We can go to the only one, as Peter affirmed, has the words of eternal lifeWe can go to the “Stone that the Builders Rejected.” We can go to the “Rock that is Higher” than we are,” who will always be our shelter from every storm. In this ever-changing, unpredictable world, remember that trouble will not last always, but Je’sus Christ remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. Build your hopes on things eternal and keep holding to God’s unchanging hand.

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